Saturday, January 26, 2013

Contribute to a PHP OSS project using Cloud Development with Exo IDE, GitHub, AppFog

Recently I started series of lessons (tutorials) on YouTube about Web Application Development. I will base the lessons on Zend Framework, HTML5, CSS3, JavScript (ES5). I try to use ONLY Cloud Technologies.
In this blog post I will explain how to Participate in an Open Source Software Project (OSS) using only Cloud Based  Technologies. I also try to introduce the Mind Maps in the Software Development Life Cycle and Technical Presentations.

1) Create an account on GitHub

2) (Optional) Create an account on Exo IDE 
Or use your Goolge or GitHUb account (OpenID)
Note: If you are using GitHub make sure you have entered an email in your GitHub profile.

3) Create an account on AppFog

4) Login to GitHub
5) Find an interesting project in GitHub and hit "fork" to crate a copy in your GitHub account.

6)Login to Exo IDE
7) Enter your credentials for AppFog

8)Create a Project
8.1)Choose PHP Technology and Appfog as a PaaS.
8.2)Choose a Template.
Note: There is only one currently.
8.3)Enter your credentials for Appfog.
Note: You have to add one "s" at the end of the protocol to make it SSL
8.4)Select the infrastructure, subdomain for Appfog.
Note: Make sure the subdonain (URL) is unique enough.
9)Delete the files and folders in the new project
Note: We will be pulling from our GitHub fork
10)Do "git init"

11) Copy the address of the fork from GitHub

12) Add Remote Repository
13) Generate RSA key pair in Exo IDE

14) Add the generated public key to github

15)In Exo IDE do "git pull" to get your fork

16) In Exo IDE do git push back to you fork

17) Add a file or do some changes

17)Do git add; git commit -m "added file"; git push; to send the changes to your fork

18)(Optional)Send a "Pull Request" to the owner of the original project
19)(Optional) Stay up to date with the original repo.
Note: The fork doesn't get updated automaticaly.
Push the changes to your fork
20)Deploy to Appfog

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