Thursday, January 6, 2011

Zend Framework on Portable Device Daily Use

The assumption is that you already have installed XAMP on a portable device. If not read my previous article on how to do that.

1) Stop any Apache IIS etc. httpd's on the system listening on port 80. Stop Skype just for any case. Do it from the Apache control Panel or Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services

2) Stop any running instance of MySQL server Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services Stop MySQL_Zend... for example

3) Insert your memory stick and make sure it shows up as a device

4) Start a terminal window (console) cmd.exe. Change the drive letter to the one assigned by the system. (for example G:) Type G:

5) type in the console
set PATH=/xampp/php
set ZF_INCLUDE_PATH=/xamp/php/pear
php --help
zf --help
az show version
pear help

make sure all these commands responde properly

you can create project add controllers etc.
zf create project /projects/MyProject
cd /projects/MyProject
zf create module Blog
zf create controller Post -m Blog
etc. Check Zend_Tool

6) Start Apache and MySQL by double clicking on the *.bat files from /xampp folder apache-start.bat and mysql-start.bat. You can close the opened by the *.bat files windows.

7) point your browser to or localhost. Use the tools from XAMPP

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