Monday, January 10, 2011

The future. One vision. Memory sticks with our OS and programs terminal to the cloud

The cloud is the main working space and supercomputer. All you need to work is just a terminal. The role of a terminal can play any hardware that allows you to run your OS.

Everybody will have on a USB memory stick his terminal (OS). The terminal is an OS with all installed components of his choice. He can even cary with him OS VMware so he can switch between OSes. This is in fact our current computers. In fact even if you have a computer your drive is portable so you can plug it in another hardware that is going to work. SO you alwais will have your environment.

All his/her files program can be in Internet somewhere (cloud). He can keep as many files as he wants on his stick. The public places are ordinar computers that have some OS and browser. But everyone just plugs his stick and the system boots from his stik. He has his own environment everywhere on all hardware configurations. On your stick you can have Remote Access programs that allow you to connect to servers in internet and change something in the cloud. For the regular users all they will need is only a web browser and they will do everything trough the browser. They can have Web OS's on different URLs like "Lucid" for example or ExJS or another flash solutions.

One example:

I have created a bootable HBCD USB stick. I care with me only this stick on it I have all my programs passwords and things I can not share with anyone (my identity). When I have to work on somebodies computer I just plug the stick and reboot holdinf F2 (F11 - boot manager) during the boot. I load Windows or Linux from my stick. Once I have an operating system runing all I need is a remote connection to one of my servers if I want to develop web applications there. I have there the infrastructure. IDE's SVN or GIT etc. As a user I use a web browser to access my web mail, zoho for applications or desctop. So everythign is in the cloud. Not in only 1 central point. The memory stick is like my personality. On it I keep my private information, my passwords accounts etc. These files are ordinar text files so I don't need huge space. The memory stick can be even 1GB but it holds everythign you need to work.

Using the browser as a universal terminal to the cloud is even better. So you don't have to cary eneythign anymore. If everythign you do is spred on different servers in the cloud. You can move from one terminal (computer) to another all you need is just a web browser.

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