Monday, December 27, 2010

How to start?

I keep asking myself do I have something to tell to the people? Because I am convinced that only valuable people should publish something. This goes back to the question how valuable I am as a human being? But if I exist on this planet (spaceship) I must have some value. Even if this value is just to fill the space. But in nova days when everybody is blogging, chatting, posting etc. it makes sense just to leave a trace of my existence. The world sometimes looks to me like a bar full of drunk sailers where everybody is talking, but nobody is listening. The Internet gives us a great opportunity to create an Artificial Inteligence. The human brain is a large group of connected cells. Each one holds a bit of information but it is connected to another cells holding more. Isn't that look familiar? It looks to me like a web page with its links to another pages. Each being is a space. With the new social networks and google each one on these spaces can play the role of a cell. Everyone can create a blog or content (and not only one on top of that) and link to another resources. I strongly belive that everyone on this planet is valuable. I like to listen and learn from other people. I discovered that from each one you can learn something. Every person is a unique space. We have the opportunity to link these spaces (cells) and create something new. So if I am not very lazy I will share my ideas and how I understand and see the world.

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